School Profile:
Name: Green Island Primary
Address: Green Island P.O.
Tele. / Fax: 956-9186         
Constituency: Hanover Western
QEC: 34 
School Location: 
Located in Old Green Island, on the minor road leading to the Holy Trinity Anglican Church 

Year Built: 
The school was built at its present 
site in 1920
Present Principal: Mr. Vaccianna Moseley

Primary Grade 111 School 
Accommodation: 600  
Present Enrollment: 283 girls and 301 boys = 584.  

Staff Compliment: 
Principal, Vice Principal, Guidance Counsellor, Spanish teacher, sixteen classroom teachers, part time Physical Education teacher, Clerical Assistant, two janitors, two cooks, one tuck attendant and a The Ancillary Staff: three cooks, tuck shop sales personnel, part time night security.
Past Principals: (Not all Christian names available)
  • Mr.Wynter, 
  • Mr.Buxton, 
  • Mr.Hamilton,
  • Mr.Headley Clarke, 
  • Mrs. Beryl Chisholm, 
  • Mrs. Sybil Heaven, 
  • Ms. Veta Bucknor, 
  • Mrs. Beverley Lawrence, 
  • Ms. Monica McIntosh, 
  • Mr. Phillip Hall, 
  • Ms. Diana Allen.   

Extra Curricular Activities:
Clubs: 4H, Brownies, Sports, Maths, Spanish, Speech, Empowerment, Scouts Club, Performing Arts, Reading and Spelling.
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